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    Are you still looking for a solid phase synthesis reactor? We can’t go wrong with the production choice of peptide drugs!

    Solid-phase synthesis refers to a chemical synthesis performed on a solid surface. In 1984 Merrifield synthesized the bradykinin that used to take a year to synthesize in only 8 days, which earned him the Nobel Prize. This major discovery is undoubtedly the advancement of human science and technology, and it is also the great benefit of biopharmaceuticals. Solid-phase peptide synthesis is through the deprotection reaction of protected amino acids, the parallel reaction of carboxyl deprotection and amino acid activation-generation of the next amino acid added to the peptide chain; coupling reaction-formation of amide bonds and synthesis of the final polypeptide. Peptide medicine is a very imp […]

      Simply understand what is short-range molecular distillation? Is there any recommended high-quality short-path distillation equipment?

      Short-range molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation under vacuum. The short distance between vapor molecules, evaporation surface and condensation surface is less than 300mm, which can be called short-range molecular distillation. It is transported from the feed tank to the jacketed main evaporation equipment. After continuous heating, the built-in film is scraped into a fluidized film and evaporated instantly, then it advances in a spiral shape. After a very short route, the built-in condensation occurs almost without collision. The condenser is condensed into liquid and flows into the receiving bottle along the outer wall of the condenser tube. This is the workflow of […]

        High-quality and inexpensive laboratory equipment, well-equipped factory direct sales, don’t miss it!

        As we all know, performing some complex experiments in the laboratory will inevitably use some high-precision experimental equipment, such as molecular distillation units, glass reactors, rotating reactors, and so on. However, when choosing equipment, there are always various worries. The equipment is excellent but the budget is not enough to purchase, and the quality of the equipment is low, but the quality of the equipment is not good or bad. Is the performance excellent? But if you choose the products of our Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., you will be able to purchase only better and better performance equipment at the same price as other companies. We have been providing high-quali […]

          High-quality heating device product Heating bath, to provide you with the most ideal heating application equipment!

          In chemical experiments, in order to speed up the reaction, heating is often required, and our heating device will be your best helper. The high-quality heating device series product heating bath is designed by Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. using a number of proprietary technologies. Its temperature control accuracy is high and can be widely used in chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and Chemical analysis and other fields are also applicable to research departments, colleges and universities, factory laboratories, and metrology and quality inspection departments. This heating device is ideal for laboratory heating applications, such as temperature control of jacketed […]

            High-quality Nuthche filters at wholesale prices, factory direct supply!

            Today I would like to recommend Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd’s high-quality Nuthche filters directly supplied by wholesale manufacturers. This is really a good thing to share! Come take a look! Nuthche filters are very practical equipment in schools, factories, and pharmaceutical companies. They are widely used in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers, food and beverages and other fields. As a common chemical equipment, it can be conveniently and efficiently combined with the reactor for solid-liquid separation after synthesis. The inert materials used can be used in a vacuum-sealed environment in the kettle, allowing operators to safely handle a wide range of acidic substances […]

              Where can we buy hemp distillation equipment? Is there an excellent plant essential oil purification and distillation equipment supplier recommended?

              As a plant, hemp has existed in the world in various forms for thousands of years. The application of hemp in China can be traced back to the Shennong era. Hemp can be used for production and life, hemp fiber can be used for weaving nets, making clothes, etc., can also be used for food or processed into hemp fat, etc. In ancient times, hemp can also be used for anesthesia. Hemp has a wide range of uses in medicine and health care. Research on the effects of hemp began in the 19th century. Its analgesic and sedative medicinal properties made it regarded as a “savior” for quite some time. However, people gradually discovered that hemp was “instability” to the human spirit a […]

                Are you still looking for a single-layer glass reactor supplier? Don’t miss the most cost-effective single-layer glass reactor!

                Are you looking for your favorite single-layer glass reactor? Are you still shopping around, comparing price, performance and quality? If you are still undecided and hesitant to choose the best single-layer glass reactor supplier, then I invite you to to see the best chemical equipment manufacturer and manufacturer in China Supplier-Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai)’s high-quality products, I believe you can find the answer you most want here! A solvent can be placed in the inner layer of the single-layer glass reactor for agitation reaction, and the liquid can be heated or cooled at a constant temperature by a cold and heat source (water, refrigerant, heat transfer […]

                  Do you know where you buy high-quality molecular distillation equipment?

                  The total area of the oceans on the earth is about 360 million square kilometers, accounting for about 71% of the earth’s surface area. From a macro map, we can also easily see that the blue sea occupies most of the entire earth. There will be a sentence in high school chemistry textbooks, the earth has a large reserve of water, but fresh water only accounts for 2.5%, of which less than 1% is easy to use for humans. Then there is so much sea water, and all human beings need is fresh water. How to turn sea water into fresh water has become a crucial issue for human survival. With this technology, how to improve its purity and recovery is another problem that needs to be solved and improve […]

                    China’s best manufacturer and supplier of glass jacketed reactors, boosting fine chemicals to a higher level!

                    Modern fine chemical industry is a new field in the chemical industry, and it is also the most dynamic new thing. However, in the production process of modern fine chemicals, there are many unit reactions, the complexity of raw materials, the long process, and the strict requirements of the intermediate process. Due to the above factors, the glass jacketed reactor should be selected with the best quality and high efficiency. Only with good quality and high quality can the experiment be more ideal. Why choose Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd only for glass jacketed reactors? 1.Rich R&D experience Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established in 2012. It has been consistent for 9 […]

                      Unbelievable, you are willing to miss such a high-quality short-range molecular distillation device?

                      Want to buy a short-range molecular distillation unit but don’t know where to start? Why not come to know Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Short-range molecular distillation technology is currently the most special kind of liquid-liquid separation technology. The key to molecular distillation lies in the difference in the mean free path of different molecular motions. The best separation effect can be achieved by relying on short-range molecular distillation technology. It has high requirements for the operating temperature, vapor pressure, heating time, and separation degree of the separation process, and the slightest difference will also cause huge losses. Short-path distillation is a […]

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