China’s best manufacturer and supplier of glass jacketed reactors, boosting fine chemicals to a higher level!

Modern fine chemical industry is a new field in the chemical industry, and it is also the most dynamic new thing. However, in the production process of modern fine chemicals, there are many unit reactions, the complexity of raw materials, the long process, and the strict requirements of the intermediate process. Due to the above factors, the glass jacketed reactor should be selected with the best quality and high efficiency. Only with good quality and high quality can the experiment be more ideal.
Why choose Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd only for glass jacketed reactors?

1.Rich R&D experience
Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established in 2012. It has been consistent for 9 years, 9 years of day and night, 9 years of repeated experiments and improvements, and only one thing in 9 years is to continuously revolve glass reactors. Evaporator, short-range molecular distillation, temperature control system, vacuum equipment and other equipment are improved and improved, pursuing the ultimate laboratory equipment quality.
Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, as China’s best supplier and manufacturer of glass sandwich reactors, has not only won China’s national patent awards, but also provided ISO9001 and CE certification. Professional laboratory equipment manufacturers only Customers provide the best quality products!

2.The ultimate pursuit of high quality
After 9 years of unremitting efforts, we stumbled towards today. It is precisely because of their dedication spirit of “integrity and innovation” that they can gain a firm foothold in this ever-changing social era and continue to move forward. When the founder of Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd discovered defective chemical equipment, he did not hesitate to recover the goods, and destroyed all the equipment in front of the entire company. The promise of “quality” is carried out to the end. And all the materials are from the best quality choices. It is precisely because of this that we have gained the trust of every customer and praised the chemical equipment produced by Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

3.Patient communication and fast after-sales
Purchasing a glass jacketed reactor at Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. We can also provide you with customized services. According to your specific needs and habits, we will produce customized equipment. We will have a specialist and you will record everything about you. On request, our kit will have the equipment you need, with a capacity ranging from 100ml to 200L. Make it more convenient for you to perform experimental operations. Our after-sales service can also provide a one-year effective warranty. If you encounter any problems during this one-year use, you can contact us. Our after-sales service is also very quick to contact you to solve your confusion and troubles.

4.Good quality and low price are the core competitiveness
Our glass jacketed reactor is the most cost-effective among similar equipment! The equipment is not only high-quality, but the price is also the most reasonable in the industry. If you need to order in large quantities, but you are still skeptical of our products. It doesn’t matter, you can order samples of our glass reactors to test the quality and performance of our products.
We have supplied a large number of laboratory equipment and chemical equipment for products in different industries such as modern fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, and the synthesis of cutting materials. We are the first-class manufacturer and supplier of formal professional laboratory equipment in China, please call us right away. Click, your choice must be correct!

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