High-quality heating device product Heating bath, to provide you with the most ideal heating application equipment!

In chemical experiments, in order to speed up the reaction, heating is often required, and our heating device will be your best helper. The high-quality heating device series product heating bath is designed by Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. using a number of proprietary technologies. Its temperature control accuracy is high and can be widely used in chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and Chemical analysis and other fields are also applicable to research departments, colleges and universities, factory laboratories, and metrology and quality inspection departments. This heating device is ideal for laboratory heating applications, such as temperature control of jacketed glass reactors and wiped film evaporators. 
This instrument has an exquisite appearance, perfect structure setting, reasonable configuration of various internal components and external accessories, and this equipment is simple and convenient to operate, good heat dissipation, and does not produce too much noise during operation. This heating device adopts an open water tank design. The experimenter can choose to put samples, sensors and other objects directly into the constant temperature bath. The process is very simple, the heating speed is fast, and the maximum power can reach 9000W, which can help users speed up the experiment process and achieve the ideal Experimental results. This product has a large capacity of 100L, which can put more experimental samples at the same time, improve the efficiency of the experiment, and reduce the waste of energy and resources.

Our heating bath is well-made, carefully crafted with high-quality accessories, stable performance, safe and reliable. Including a long-life bath made of high-quality stainless steel, which can prevent rust and corrosion, and each model of the product is equipped with a side circulation connection. In addition, in terms of safety, this product uses a solid-state relay control circuit, which will not produce contacts and open flames during the experiment, which greatly improves the safety of the laboratory and protects the personal safety of the experimenters. The cooling fan is also equipped This device will not be overheated, and it has good heat dissipation performance. In terms of temperature control, this product performs extremely well. The adjustable temperature range of this product is from room temperature to 200°C, and the temperature error is within ±1°C, which can meet the needs of most experiments, and uses an electronic real-time temperature display device to make the temperature display more clear and obvious. The operation interface of our heating bath is well-designed and ergonomically designed. The operation process is not only simple, but also very comfortable and durable. A universal wheel is set under the instrument, and users can move the heating device at will according to their own needs, which greatly facilitates the experimentation of the experimenter.

Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chemical equipment. We have rich experience in the production of chemical instruments, strong strength and trustworthy. Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. passed ISO9001 and CE certification in the early years, and has its own patents in many experimental instrument fields. You can choose to buy our heating bath, which is laboratory equipment with guaranteed quality and strong innovation capabilities. We are your best choice for purchasing laboratory equipment. If you have any questions about this product before buying, please feel free to contact our customer service staff, we are very willing to answer for you. At the same time, we have a complete after-sales guarantee. If you encounter any questions after purchase, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with exclusive solutions.

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