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As we all know, performing some complex experiments in the laboratory will inevitably use some high-precision experimental equipment, such as molecular distillation units, glass reactors, rotating reactors, and so on.
However, when choosing equipment, there are always various worries. The equipment is excellent but the budget is not enough to purchase, and the quality of the equipment is low, but the quality of the equipment is not good or bad. Is the performance excellent? But if you choose the products of our Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., you will be able to purchase only better and better performance equipment at the same price as other companies. We have been providing high-quality experimental equipment for universities, research institutes, company laboratories, etc. for a long time, and the service we can provide is absolutely impeccable.
First of all, I recommend our company’s molecular distillation unit equipment. All glass equipment is self-produced. It is by no means inferior glass produced in an outsourcing factory. Its visibility is extremely high, which helps to clearly observe the situation in the device. But our biggest advantage does not lie in this. Our equipment can be customized one-to-one according to the needs of customers, and the finished product will absolutely satisfy you. In addition, the magnetic seal used in this set of devices is also independently developed by the company to adapt to the equipment shape and customer distillation requirements to ensure the maximum vacuum of the device to achieve maximum efficiency of evaporation. This short-path distillation greatly reduces the amount of reactants in the device. The residence time avoids the damage of heat-sensitive materials.

Secondly, I recommend our company’s vacuum nutsche filter, a glass reactor, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Compare with other factoties, the material that put in use are all praduce by ourselves. We use laminated glass of GG17 Bose silicate glass, which has transparency, impact resistance and heat insulation. Besides we use PTFE and special composite rubber to ensure the existence of a vacuum environment. The agitator is installed inside in order to achieve safer control, and the distillation/cooling reaction can be achieved by adding hot oil/coolant to the interlayer. All parts that will come into contact with the contents are inert, so most chemicals and biological solvents can be put in. In addition, our controller box is imported, so it is easy to operate. And it can observe the reaction speed and reaction temperature more intuitively.
Finally, I recommend our company’s mini rotary evaporator. Under vacuum conditions, the instrument is heated at a constant temperature to make the rotary bottle rotate at a constant speed, causing the material to form a large-area film on the bottle wall to achieve effective evaporation. After the solvent evaporates into a gaseous state, it is cooled by a high-efficiency glass condenser, and finally recovered in the collection bottle. The short and convenient process greatly improves the evaporation efficiency. Therefore, this device is particularly suitable for the concentration and purification experiments of biological products that are easily decomposed at high temperatures. This set of equipment is sealed and uses high-quality silicohydrochloric acid glass to better ensure the normal progress of the experiment. Secondly, we installed a vacuum controller in the device to ensure the excellent vacuum performance. In addition, our cooling coil is installed with double layers, which greatly improves the performance of the condenser. Moreover, our device can automatically adjust the lifting operation of the rotating bottle according to the progress of the experiment, which is easy to operate, and prevents failures caused by incorrect operation.
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