High-quality Nuthche filters at wholesale prices, factory direct supply!

Today I would like to recommend Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd’s high-quality Nuthche filters directly supplied by wholesale manufacturers. This is really a good thing to share! Come take a look!
Nuthche filters are very practical equipment in schools, factories, and pharmaceutical companies. They are widely used in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers, food and beverages and other fields. As a common chemical equipment, it can be conveniently and efficiently combined with the reactor for solid-liquid separation after synthesis. The inert materials used can be used in a vacuum-sealed environment in the kettle, allowing operators to safely handle a wide range of acidic substances and solvents in the glass reaction system.
Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd’s Nuthche filter series, 5L NUTSCHE jacketed glass filter reactor, 100ML NUTCHE filter glass reactor, 10L jacketed explosion-proof glass filter reactor and other reactors are all designed for solid-liquid separation Designed high-quality equipment. Controller digital display speed and temperature, optional filter plate, pore size from 0.1 to 200um
, All glass is GG17 borosilicate glass. Teflon paddle or glass paddle for customers to choose.

Choose us to be more secure
The NUTCHE filter series chemical equipment produced by our company is composed of a solid-phase peptide synthesis reactor, which is composed of a vacuum filter, a filter reactor and a peptide synthesis reactor. We consider that some products in the filtration are dangerous, toxic, and corrosive. Therefore, the manufacturing materials we choose are the best, which greatly improves the safety of the product during operation and prolongs the service life of the product.

Excellent airtightness makes your product loss to a minimum or even to zero
The tightness of our products is first-class. We are well aware that the sealability directly affects the completion rate of customers’ products and the molecular reactions in the reactor. The glass reactors produced have been improved by the team for many years. According to multiple experiments and long-term Even after many years of testing, it has successfully produced a glass reactor that is as good as the newly purchased glass after long-term use, and has achieved excellent performance without wasting any products.
The high-strength sealing not only greatly reduces the loss of the product or even tends to zero, but also eliminates the risk of pollution, brings harmlessness to the environment and protects the health of the operator.

Choose us, you can reduce your cost and save your space
Our Nuthche filter series are all produced by ourselves. They are all simple and direct first-hand quotations. There is no intermediary to charge the difference. The chemical equipment produced by our company can give customers the most affordable and cheapest price. We treat people with sincerity, seek long-term cooperation, small profits but quicker sales, and also take into account high standards of quality. You will not regret choosing Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd! Our NUTCHE filter glass reactor design gives us a combination of practicality and space, and takes up a small space. You can put more chemical equipment on your site and reduce your space.

Our products reduce cleaning, maintenance work and time to replace the filter element
The PTFE bottom value has no dead angle design, and the filter plate can be easily disassembled. Easier to clean and improve work efficiency!

After years of unremitting research and development, our R&D personnel have created the Nuthche filter series with so many advantages and high performance! We not only guarantee the quality of your products, but also guarantee after-sales service. Come to http://qiyulab.com/ and chat with us now!

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